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Spirit of St.Louis (Smithsonian National
Air and Space Museum, Washington,
DC), the original Charles Lindbergh's
airplane, the protagonist of my novel
La Scala Spezzata
- Marco Bardazzi was born in Prato,
Italy, in 1967

- He lives in T
orino (Turin), Italy with
his wife and three daughters
. He is
Managing Editor/Digital Editor at "La

- His career as a journalist began in
1986. Since 1988, he has worked
ANSA news agency in Florence,
Milan and New York offices. He
collaborated with various Italian
national news media including the
printed press, TV, radio and
Internet. He was founder and editor
in chief of “Reality Magazine”, one of
the first Italian online magazines

- He has been a professional
journalist since 1992

- Since 2000, he is U.S.
correspondent for ANSA. He has
covered the 2000 Bush-Gore
electoral race for the White House;
the first international Al Qaeda trial
in Manhattan; the September 11,
2001 attack on America; the war in
Afghanistan; the war in Iraq; the
2004 and 2008 presidential

- During the 2003 Gulf War, he
Operation Iraqi Freedom from
CentCom headquarters in Doha,

- He is in the Editorial Board of the
international journal

- He was the spokesperson at the
2007 edition of
Rimini Meeting

- He won the 2005 edition of Premio
Saint-Vincent di Giornalismo, one of
the most important journalism
awards in Italy

- Mr. Bardazzi is the author of
Scala Spezzata (The Broken Ladder),
a novel on the Lindbergh kidnapping
and the American ‘Trial of the
century’ in the 1930’s.

- He is the author of
five books in
Italian, English, and Spanish.

- He is one of the founders of the
New York and Washington, DC,
Crossroads cultural centers.
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